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Schorfheide, Brandenburg

Forest Whispers
a retreat among trees

come with me to the forest.

we'll be outside for three days.

we cook on the fire.

you sleep under a tarp outdoor.

let's return to the essentials and see what matters.

let's be curious what the forest and the more-than-human world wants to tell and teach us.

all we have to do is to be and to really listen, 

to go with the natural flow and to experience.

  • connecting with your outer nature

  • connecting with your body

  • connecting with your inner nature

call this a time-out,

call it self experience and self-reflection,

call it a healing journey or therapy,

call it a spiritual excursion

or just relaxing and letting go.

you decide what it is for you.

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3 days & 2 night outside in the forest

An abstract red shape

Several guided sessions daily

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returning to the essentials

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Connecting with nature, yourself & others

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Music, movement & dance in nature

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Sharing & experiencing in a safe space

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Community, Cooking & Connection


Being & Silence

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Everything in between...