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Connecting with your inner & outer nature.

There is so much to be discovered out there in nature - especially about ourselves.

I'm Olivia and with Kailo I’m offering you a space and opportunity to slow down and to connect - with nature, yourself and others.

It's about belonging, trust, reconciliation and encouragement, as well as new perspectives and stories about yourself and your life. Make wholesome experiences and activate your self-healing powers.

The basis of my work is systemic nature therapy.

Call it self experience and discovery, call it therapy or coaching, call it personal development, call it a healing or spiritual journey.
You decide what it is for you.

“Here it doesn't matter who you are and what you do in your normal life. It is only about yourself and not about what others think, say or demand. The point is that you can just be without having to be someone. It is about getting in contact with yourself and the elements around you – in order to find the way back to yourself and your strength.”

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group formats carried out


guided participants


1:1 guidances in nature


What participants say

"This retreat was a gift to my soul. I was impressed by the way Olivia maintained the flow and presence for the group. The elements of nature and dance helped me to heal wounds and move to the next level of awareness."
~ Claudia Antonina

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