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~ team development between indoor & outdoor

Team development and team building need time and space.

This special format combines the effectiveness of a workshop with the inspiring and grounding experiential dimension of nature.


Let's find and walk the path that suits you.


targeted & long-term team development

  • we support you where there is a current need for action

  • together we develop long-term routines and rituals that enable you to develop your team culture and cooperation independently in the future

Collage team development or team building in nature
An abstract yellow shape visualizing the benefits of spening time outdoors as a team

Pressure to change in the area of tension between VUCA world & New Work

An abstract orange shape visualizing the benefits of spening time outdoors as a team

Improving communication, getting to know each other better and strengthening the team spirit through a team culture that suits you best

Do these challenges sound familiar?

An abstract blue shape visualizing the benefits of spening time outdoors as a team

Promoting the individual well-being (mental health) of your team members or exploring the topic of psychological safety together


Adapting working methods and processes to work in a more agile, effective, self-reliant, human-centred and sustainable way

What is initially overwhelming and irritating has a long-term positive effect on the satisfaction and effectiveness of employees and teams. However, especially at the beginning of a change process, the biggest challenge is to take the time in the busy workday to pause, reflect together, ground oneself, and then consciously create a suitable team culture.

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Pausing and feeling are fundamental for transformation. Together with nature as a resonance space, this forms the basis for Pathfinder.

the three phases of pathfinder team development workshop

The path


We design an individual path of knowledge for each team, which specifically addresses pre-defined focus topics and offers space for experimentation and spontaneity.


We work consciously in and with nature, leave the comfort zone and learn through a change of perspective. We will perceive with all our senses, have conversations around the campfire, find solution paths together and visualize them.


The coaches

This format was co-creatively developed by Olivia and Steffen. Together they will guide you through the workshop.

Olivia studied business & management and works as a consultant and certified systemic nature therapist. She lives in Berlin and leads various workshops, team events and retreats worldwide - always with the people in focus and in and with nature.

More about Olivia

Olivia Köhler is coach for the pathfinder team development workshop

Steffen also lives in Berlin. He studied Strategic Design, is a certified systemic coach and works as a workshop facilitator and team developer. Many roles, one mission: he designs insight processes and coaches people in change.

More about Steffen

Steffen Sommerlad is coach for the pathfinder team development workshop

Our methods & experience

  • Team and personal development

  • Embodiment practices, such as mindfulness, meditation, dance & movement, Breathwork

  • Systemic coaching, nature therapy, constellations and nature dialogue facilitation

  • Human-centered design processes (design thinking & design sprint workshops)

  • Agile mindset and methods

  • Strategy and vision development

  • Purpose-Exploration and Future Foresight


Let's talk about the goals and results you
want to achieve.

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Customized Team Retreat & Time-Out

a collage of headless people who's mind is therefore silent but their soul is visible

Being outside, being together, being present, listening, getting to know more, exploring, having a good time.

A space for slowing down, digital detoxing and connecting for your team.

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