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CoCreation.Loft, Berlin

4 Elements Research Club

exploring the elements: without & within

the 4 elements as a guide for life.

diving into their realms together as a group.

learning with and from each other.

entering a sacred space of vulnerability.

away from the mind and towards embodied sensing.

no given concepts, no right and wrong.

learn about yourself:

  • what is your understanding around the four elements?

  • what is your personal elemental composition?

  • which elements are close to you, are your helpers?

  • which elements have you yet to get in contact with?

Be curious and let yourself be surprised.


through different perspectives

An abstract yellow shape

#1 Music & Movement (past workshop)

  • learning about the elements through the 5Rhythms of Gabrielle Roth

  • feeling into the 4 elements through meditation, music and movement

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#2 Systemic Constellations & 4 Elements Cosmos (past workshop)

  • getting to know systemic constellations

  • being part of some constellations around the personal 4 elements cosmos

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#3 Art & Expression (19.2.)

  • exploring different approaches to the 4 elements in the arts

  • creating a personal piece of art around the 4 elements. maybe a collage, maybe a drawing, maybe something else. you will be guided.

  • let your hands, your body, your intuition create

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#4 Myths & Theater (26.2.)

  • immersion in a myth around the elements and the Orixas from the Yoruba religion

  • taking part in a “myth theatre” (=playing a part of a myth with no script and no words, just with intuition and feeling into yourself and others), actively or passively as an observer

Workshop Flow
Sundays, 16:00-19:00

  • arriving in the space & in your body

  • opening circle

  • input around the 4 elements

  • deep dive & exercises depending on the perspective

  • fire circle at the chimney, harvesting & sharing

#1 Music & Movement​: past workshop

#2 Constellations & Cosmos​: past workshop

#3 Art & Expression: 19.02.2023

#4 Myths & Theater: 26.02.2023

more coming soon...


Book your spot

Max. 12 people per session


package: 36€/ workshop


normal:43€/ workshop
reduced: 38€/ workshop



Schinkestraße 9

12047 Berlin (Kreuzkölln)

Join the workshops to:

  • learn about the 4 elements

  • learn about yourself

  • gift yourself some time to look and feel within and to recharge

  • share a space of vulnerability with others

  • leave your comfort zone and experiencing some magic in return

  • enjoy the cozy Loft with fireplace and rooftop terrace

  • experience everything in-between

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