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Hi! I'm Olivia.

I'm a Berlin-based certified and experienced systemic nature therapist and nature dialogue guide - meaning I accompany personal and group processes outdoors in nature.


I grew up in a small town in Germany, surrounded by forests, fields and meadows, and eventually moved to Vienna to study economics and business. When I became a management consultant, I kept going left and right of this path – as a kitesurf instructor in Miami or while living and working in the very vibrant city of Tel Aviv.


Being outdoors played a vital role in my life during all these times - from getting lost in the woods all day while growing up, to being one with the sea and the wind when kitesurfing or now escaping the city whenever I can.


I have been able to experience that there is so much to discover in nature - especially about ourselves. We live in a living relationship and interconnectedness with the natural spaces and the elements within them. All this has an impact on how we feel, think and act. I’m aiming to create a space for you to explore this, to get in touch with yourself and with what wants to be seen.

Collage Olivia Köhler Kailo Nature Therapy

2023: Systemic Constellations (Habiba Kreszmeier)

2022: Ecology of Love (Dr. Andreas Weber | Advaya)

2022: Intuitive Massage & Energy Work in the schamanic medicine wheel with the 4 wind directions (Inka Klinge)

2022: Weightlessness: a movement practice of finding ease in the unknown through deep connection (Almog Loven)

2022: Systemic Constellations (Habiba Kreszmeier)

2022/23: Active Member in the Nature-Dialogue Movement 

2022: Myths and Fairy Tales in Process Guidance (Bettina Grothe)

2021: Systemic Constellations (Habiba Kreszmeier)

2020/22: Systemic Nature Therapist/ Nature Dialogue Guide [certified] (Kreszmeier & Hufenus)

2020/21: Touched by Nature (Waller & Wells)

2019: Nature Therapist [certified] (IEK)

2018: Plant Spirit Medicine (Waller & Wells)

2014: Master of Science in Management & Business (WU Vienna)

my work is also strongly influenced by: 

5 rhythms dance, embodiment, breath work, meditation, sweat lodge, yoga, life...

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An abstract blue shape which visualizes the connection to nature
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