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Nature therapy offers you the opportunity to spend time with yourself and with nature, as well as to create deep connections in your life. Start from where you are and go as far as you want.


In my sessions we go out to be in and with nature. It's about enjoying it. We will breathe the fresh forest air and take a break from our stressful city life for a bit. With selected exercises we take the time to experience and observe ourselves. You will be surprised what thoughts arise, what you learn about yourself and what you can learn from nature. Be curious. True experience of nature cannot be described. It can only be experienced.

We first walk through the forest and then stop and stay at a hidden, quiet meadow or at a spot in the forest.

Call it personal development, call it therapy, call it self-awareness, self-exploration and self-reflection, call it healing art. You decide what it is for you.

“Here it is not important who you are and what you do in normal life. It's all about yourself and not what others think, say or ask for. The point is that you can just be without having to be someone. It's about getting back in touch with you and the elements around you in order to find your way back to yourself and your strength."

A collage of people walking in the forest and on a meadow with colorful shapes that visualize their soul


Connecting with your
inner & outer nature
Berlin, Grunewald
or somewhere else

4 hours group session to release & connect

An abstract yellow shape that highlights the benefits of this overnight outdoors event in the Vogtland

Connecting with your inner & outer nature

An abstract blue shape that highlights the benefits of this overnight outdoors event in the Vogtland

Pause your busy everyday life

An abstract orange shape that highlights the benefits of this overnight outdoors event in the Vogtland

Safe space to experience & share

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Request a session

Max. 14 people


Contact me for a group session at Grunewald – or for custom offers with a specific theme, location or length. 


e.g. 320€ for 4 hours at Grunewald


Speak to me for possible locations.

e.g. Meeting point at Grunewald: 
Teufelsseestraße 21, 14055 Berlin

It's a parking lot that you can easily reach via public transport (S-Bahn Heerstraße), by bike or by car.


  • Good shoes & clothing according to the current weather

  • Something to sit on

  • Snacks & enough to drink


Walking distance: 2x approx. 30 minutes


That's me. I love to inspire others to discover what’s out there and in nature and what we can learn from it - especially about ourselves.



More about me here

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Kailo offerings

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March '23 // Egypt

Journey to Yourself
a sea & desert retreat

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