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An abstract yellow shape visualizing the benefits of spening time outdoors as a team

Being in nature to de-stress, refresh & restore

An abstract orange shape visualizing the benefits of spening time outdoors as a team

Deepening connection within the team

An abstract blue shape visualizing the benefits of spening time outdoors as a team

Safe space to experience & share


Long-lasting impact on team culture


Team Event in Nature

We will be outside, we will be together, we will be present, we will listen, we will get to know, we will explore.

A space where connectedness, closeness and appreciative communication for your team is possible.

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Team Event at Schlossgut Finowfurt

Going Inwards - Restoring & Refreshing - Connecting

  • Just 1 hour from Berlin

  • Event takes place in the protected, private forest area of Schlossgut Finowfurt

  • 1 day or overnight events

  • Customized elements around personal & team wellbeing


  • Getting out of the daily work routine

  • Refreshing & restoring

  • Improving mental health

  • Building up healthy resilience

  • Strengthening creativity

  • Space for connecting & getting to know each other better on a deeper level

  • Possibility to incorporate specific company or team related topics (e.g. values, ways of working, product ideation etc.)


Customize it

Let's discuss a fitting custom offer for your needs - which will create an impact for your team.


Team sessions start from 5 hrs and can last up to several days with nights outdoors or in a fitting accommodation.


In and around Berlin, or anywhere in the world on request.

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a collage of headless people who's mind is therefore silent but their soul is visible

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