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Peloponnese, Greece

a retreat on wild beaches

Children of the Sea

living for a few days outdoors at the sea.

coming back to the essentials.

sleeping under the stars.

cooking on the open fire.

nomadic-like moving through spaces.

being in contact with nature, the landscape & the elements.

being in contact with yourself.

making healing experiences.

a journey that can be different for everyone.

experiencing belonging.

remembering and connecting.

slowing down.

a space for

what wants to be seen,

what wants to be looked at,

what wants to be let go off.

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An abstract yellow shape

2 nights in a hotel &

4 nights outdoor on different wild beaches

An abstract red shape

sleeping outdoor with just a tarp directly at the sea

An abstract blue shape

cooking on the open fire

An abstract grey shape

connecting with nature, yourself & others

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diving deeper into what's there, plus 1:1 guidance

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sharing & experiencing in a safe space


"I used to meditate for 1 or even 2 hours - but I‘ve never been as present and truly in my body as I have been during your retreat. All of this being outside, moving between places, cooking together, building up my tarp brought me so much into the present moment. I‘ve never experienced anything like this for so long.


~ Lena, 30

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Who is

Who is guiding this retreat?

Hi. I’m Olivia and I’m looking forward already to accompany you and the group on this very special journey. I’m a systemic nature therapist. My vision is to help you to connect with your inner and outer nature. There is so much to discover out there – especially about ourselves. I’m aiming to support and guide you through your discoveries based on your own personal perspective.

MORE ABOUT me & Kailo Nature Therapy

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What's included?

  • 2 nights in a beautiful hotel at the sea /w breakfast (the first and the last night)

  • 4 nights on different wild beaches outdoor (we are moving by car from beach to beach and walk max. 1 hour with backpacks)

  • all group materials (for cooking, fire, etc.)

  • transportation by car from place to place

  • all meals that we cook 

What's not included:

  • flights

to bring

What do I need to bring?

  • backpack (ideally 70L, for your personal things & group equipment)

  • tarp & ropes (no tent)

  • sleeping bag & sleeping mat

  • cutlery, plate or bowl & water bottle

  • head light

  • suitable clothes (as little as possible)

  • pocket knife

  • lighter or matches

  • toiletries & toilet paper

> Here you can find out more about the things you need to sleep outside without a tent.

* Certain equipment can be rented from me.


What are the pillars of this retreat?

  • connecting with your outer & inner nature

going on a journey to ourselves

tapping into this deeper knowing & wisdom within

acknowledging what’s there

  • being in community

being integrated into the whole.

being challenged.

being held.


cooking together as an essential part

as a deeply rooted practice of togetherness

cooking and eating together as the most elementary form of sharing

  • process-orientation

everything takes as much time as it needs.

letting ourselves be guided by the natural flow.

being open to what is crossing our path.

enough time for yourself.

Learn more

How can I learn more about this retreat?

You can read this text that one of the former participants wrote. It gives you some more visual impressions and helps you to feel more into it - at least from her perspective. 

getting there

How do I get there?

The closest airport is Athens International Airport.

We'll meet at this beautiful hotel by the sea in Epidaurus on the first day in the evening. It's a 1:30h ride from Athens. We can build car pools from Athens or you can get there by public transport as well.

You can plan your flight back on the last day of the retreat. The official closing of the retreat happens on Friday evening.


Book your spot

Max. 8 people






Normal: 995€

Reduced: 915€

*Payment by instalment possible



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