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A collage that displays the continous circle of the elements air, water, fire and earth

With Kailo - which means: whole, uninjured, of good omen - I’m offering you a space and opportunity to slow down and to connect - with nature, the elements, yourself and others.

It's about belonging, trust, reconciliation and encouragement, as well as new perspectives and stories about yourself and your life. Make wholesome experiences and activate your self-healing powers.

Call it self experience and discovery, call it therapy or coaching, call it personal development, call it a healing or spiritual journey. You decide what it is for you.

Systemic nature therapy is the essential foundation of my work. I love to infuse it with movement and dance practices inspired by the 5Rhythms and gaga, breathwork, meditation, embodiment and much more.



getting in contact with nature, yourself & others

An abstract blue shape that highlights the benefits of this overnight outdoors event in the Vogtland

sensing the things that have an impact on how you feel, think & act

An abstract orange shape that highlights the benefits of this overnight outdoors event in the Vogtland

exploring the flowing middle between body, psyche & soul

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nature as a healing space


If you like proper definitions for me this one describes it pretty well:

NATURE THERAPY is a special psychological form of therapy in which the experiential field of nature is used for therapeutic purposes.

Nature therapy turns to
nature as a healing space and links traditional, ritual healing knowledge with contemporary forms of psychotherapy and counselling.

Nature therapies use the
physical, psychological and spiritual potential of people, thereby awakening self-organisation and healing powers in close perceptive connection with nature (Stangl, 2022).

*Source: Stangl, W. (2022). Nature therapy - Online encyclopaedia for psychology and education.

About header.jpg
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