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A collage that displays the continous circle of the elements air, water, fire and earth

With Kailo - which means: whole, uninjured, of good omen - I open a space with focus on our living relationship and the reciprocal connection between us humans and the (natural) spaces surrounding us. Systemic nature therapy is the essential foundation of my work.

About header.jpg
Hi! I'm Olivia.

I'm a Berlin-based educated and certified nature therapist. I grew up in a small town in Germany, surrounded by forests, fields and meadows, and eventually moved to Vienna to study economics and business. When I became a management consultant, I kept going left and right of this path – as a kitesurf instructor in Miami or while living and working in the very vibrant city of Tel Aviv.


Being outdoors played a vital role in my life during all these times - from getting lost in the woods all day while growing up, to being one with the sea and the wind when kitesurfing or now escaping the city whenever I can.


I have been able to experience that there is so much to discover in nature - especially about ourselves. We live in a living relationship and interconnectedness with the natural spaces and the elements within them. All this has an impact on how we feel, think and act. I’m aiming to create a space for you to explore this, to get in touch with yourself and with what wants to be seen.


ongoing: 5 rhythms dance, embodiment, breathwork, yoga...

2020/22: Systemic Nature Therapy (Kreszmeier & Hufenus)

2020/21: Touched by Nature (Waller & Wells)

2019: Certified Nature Therapist (IEK)

2018: Plant Spirit Medicine (Waller & Wells)

2014: Master of Science in Management & Business (WU Vienna)

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An abstract blue shape which visualizes the connection to nature