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The Art of Life | Short Documentary

A life in harmony between intellect and spirituality may seem unimaginable to some. Between the complexity of mathematics and the tranquillity of nature, Michael Behrens, a math genius, leads a life deeply connected to the nature. An impressive example of a life beyond the ordinary.

"The Art of Life" is a delightful documentary that celebrates the extraordinary journey of Michael Behrens, narrated in his own words. The film portrays a deeply spiritual and moving account of Michael's life, showcasing his unique approach to living outside societal norms. Embracing solitude and authenticity, Michael exemplifies a profound connection with his beliefs and essence.

Encountered by filmmakers Zaya and Maurizio during a trip to Hawaii, Michael's story unfolds on a remote beach. A vibrant 72-year-old during the 2015 filming, Michael resides alone, off the grid, in a house he constructed in the heart of Maui's dense tropical jungle — a property he acquired over 40 years ago, creating his own path through the jungle with bare hands.

While Michael now has a solar panel for internet connectivity, his paradise includes a splendid garden with tropical plants and ornamental fish ponds. Here, he practices yoga and revels in the freedom to move unrestricted. A mathematical prodigy, Michael discovered his gift at 14, studied at prestigious institutions like Stanford and MIT, and became a rising star in abstract mathematics. However, at 29, he chose a different path, driven by a desire to explore the ocean, ultimately leading him to Hawaii.

Living a life unconventional to most, Michael is unburdened by conventional success and materialism. He embraces simplicity, maintaining a holistic perspective that prioritizes a harmonious connection with nature. His daily routine involves practicing yoga amidst nature, following Buddhist principles, and swimming with dolphins along Maui's secluded coasts. Wild animals welcome him into their groups, and he approaches each day with a spontaneous, carefree spirit.

Remarkably, Michael remains deeply immersed in mathematics, seamlessly merging abstract scientific constructs with profound spirituality. Despite his unconventional lifestyle, he embodies success by finding contentment in simply "being." As Michael eloquently puts it:

"There are two strains of spirituality. One of them is loving everything beautiful and positive. But the other is in transcending that and seeing everything as beautiful and positive."

These wise words encapsulate Michael's philosophy on life. Enjoy the short documentary!


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