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Cairokee "Wana Maa Nafsy Aed" | Song

The Arabic song "Wa Ana Maa Nafsy Aed" takes you on an introspective journey characterized by the healing power of nature. Experience how being in nature helps to overcome loneliness and find inner peace.

"Wa Ana Maa Nafsy Aed" explores the theme of self-reflection and the transformative power of nature. Cairokee, an Egyptian band, describes in their song not only loneliness and the feeling of being alone, but also the profound connection with the natural world. By staying in one place, accepting the natural changes, such as the changing of the seasons, hope for positive change and personal growth is nurtured. Here are some possible insights we can draw from it:

  • Self-knowledge: The song encourages us to spend time with ourselves, to reflect on our thoughts and feelings and to understand ourselves better.

  • Acceptance of loneliness: Being alone does not necessarily mean being lonely, rather it is an opportunity for personal growth and understanding.

  • Finding solace in nature: It emphasizes the importance of nature as a source of inspiration and a mirror for our inner processes and development. In times of loneliness, nature can provide understanding and solace.

  • Appreciate the present moment: The song encourages us to appreciate the beauty and peace of the present moment, even when we face challenges or uncertainty.

  • Optimism and resilience: Despite the changing seasons and the passing of time, the song maintains a sense of optimism and reminds us that brighter days lie ahead and that we can learn and grow from our experiences.

Immerse yourself in the message of this song and discover the deep connection between man and nature that can lead us to greater understanding and inner peace.

[translated lyrics: Cairokee - Wa Ana Maa Nafsy Aed]

Like a tree

I move with the wind

No matter how far I go

I'm still here

There's no eyes to see

On one side, I'm limited

I'm alone with my imagination

But he understands my words

And I'm sitting with myself

I'm sitting with myself

In my same old place

I understand a lot of things

I keep seeing the good.


They lure me in the middle of the night.

My friends are flowers and trees

Above me are sun and moon

When the rain comes

It washes my branches and fills my hunger

And I'm sitting with myself

I'm sitting with myself

In my same old place

The dreary autumn comes

I'm waiting for spring and colours

And I say to myself not far away

Summer will enlighten the place.

So I feel and ruminate.

Maybe one day I'll learn

And I am sitting with myself

I am sitting with myself

In my same old place

In my same old place

In my same old place


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