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Nature Connection Practice: "Inner Outer Picture"

I would like to invite you to a practice that guides you towards a connection between you and the space around you. A special bond is developing in live time between us and the natural world - which includes trees, plants, other humans, animals, landscapes, stones and much more - around us, as we move naturally through life.

The more time we spend practicing this witnessing and observing, the more our awareness is being trained

I invite you to follow the suggestions and guidance in the video or the transcript below on opening yourself up to that which calls your curiosity and attention. There is no right and wrong way to approach it. Don't overthink this. Just observe what shows and be curious.

Step #1: Find a spot outside

Find a spot anywhere outside, in the forest, in a little park nearby, or just on any corner of the city where you have some natural elements around you and you feel comfortable to sit for a few minutes and to be able to relax.

Step #2: Intuitively connect with a natural object

See which natural object speaks to you, calls you, or wants to connect. Perhaps it's a plant or a piece of a plant, or an animal, a tree. Maybe it's a stone or the earth beneath you. Choose one, get close to it and look at it.

Step #3: Close your eyes & let inner picture develop

Then you close your eyes and let an inner picture develop. It can be:

  • the totality of your object,

  • single pieces of it

  • or just forms, colours or interspaces.

Just observe what shows with your eyes closed.

Step #4: Compare inner picture & outer picture

You can then open your eyes again for a few seconds and memorize some more details and complete your inner picture bit by bit. Look as often as you want and just continue to compare the inner picture and the outer picture you see.

Step #5: Reflect & observe

Afterwards, you can reflect and observe which details actually drew your attention and how your perception of the object and perhaps your reaction to this inner picture that developed changed over time of the practice. Be curious!

Come outside with me and enter into dialogue

I offer different formats of events and retreats in and around Berlin and in different places on this earth. They invite you to go further in your exploration and to get in touch with your outer and inner nature.


Connect with your outer and inner nature at one of my events and retreats or dive deeper in a 1:1 guidance.


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