• Olivia Köhler

Looking back at "A Journey to Yourself" – a retreat in the desert & at the sea

Not many words are needed to describe our journey in Egypt. A collection of pictures, voices of participants and just a few words to let you feel into this journey.

a group of 9 people.

everyone with their own story.

coming together in Egypt.

a day of arriving and feeling into why I am here.

do I know? do I have a hunch? am I ready for something else to show than what I thought of?

3 days & 2 nights in the desert.

cooking together on the fire, sleeping under the stars, bonding with the landscape, dancing, connecting with nature and the others, just being.

getting out of comfort zones.

living through vivid group processes.

testing the edges.

reaching deep within.

"I really enjoyed being able to connect with the different elements of sun, sea, sand, wind, mountain and desert. This retreat helped me to come into balance - mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and also to release some deep emotions which found their right moment to come out at the retreat. Olivia was such a heart-felt, kind, wise and adaptable guide to the group, which I think really helped to build such a strong and nourishing group dynamic, allowing us the safety to fully express ourselves. I returned to the city feeling cleansed, grounded, centred and full of gratitude and peace. Thank you so much again Olivia!"

then transitioning from the desert into a private villa.

from raw nature towards civilisation.

what's there. what triggers me. why?

continuing to connect and reaching deeper.

sharing. holding space for all the stories.

all the elements are present.

can I trust? am I nourished? with which do I feel comfort and with which more of a challenge? what's there? and what wants to be seen?

"Being part of Olivia`s retreat group Journey to Yourself brought an amazing challenge for me. It was indeed an unforgettable experience that will always stay on the basis of my personal development and on my life choices from now on. The whole Journey cannot be described in enough words. Olivia was bringing together very wisely all the necessary elements - the desert, the fire, the sea, the sky, the music, and guiding us in creating a space in which we could reconsider ourselves, be open, share, meet ourselves, and reflect on our life, our past, present, and future. Thank you, Olivia!"

"Dear Olivia, the time we spent in the retreat was special itself. Such a connection and wonderful people around. I am grateful to have been a part of this journey and so thankful to you for making that experience happen."

I will offer this desert & sea retreat "A Journey to Yourself" again in March and October 2022! I would love to see you there.

Healing through connecting with your outer & inner nature, movement & being in community.


Photographs by Alina Asmus. All images subject to copyright.