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  • Olivia Köhler

“Journey to Yourself” - not just a trip to Egypt




> the landscape of the desert & the sea are supporting us

> the pillars of the retreat

> the rough map of our journey


[a video I made for the retreat in 2021 which is still relevant :) ]

a journey that can be different for everyone.

a journey that focuses on creating space for

  • connecting with your body

  • silencing your mind

  • meeting your soul

not another retreat with a time table.

we want to slow down.

we want to take the time that is needed.

we want to connect with the natural space around us.

We want to connect with the natural space around us.

daily sessions to dive deeper into your topics:

  • that will appear along the way

  • that might already be present in your life right now

we’ll open a space

for what wants to be seen

what wants to be looked at

what wants to be let go off

call this journey a time-out,

call it self experience and self-reflection,

call it therapy,

call it a healing journey,

call it the beginning or the continuation of a spiritual journey.

you decide what it is for you.

the landscape of the desert & the sea are supporting us

they open up a great space of experience.

they function as a mirror for anything that’s there.

through the outer nature we are connecting with our inner nature.

our journey starts in the DESERT

An arabic proverb says:

He who goes into the desert

will not remain the same

who he was before.

quiet. wide horizons. clarity of the stars.

the gaze becomes soft.

the gaze goes inwards.

moving towards the essential.

letting go the rest.

what remains gains in significance and power.

and it continues at the SEA

the sea as the source of all life on earth.

qualities of a great mother.

being carried and birthed.

being devoured and rebirthed.

the longing for faraway places.

the yearning for home.

the eternal restlessness corresponding to the constant movement of the sea.

experiencing the versatile nature of the sea.

getting in contact with the richness of our feelings.

getting in contact with ourself.

the pillars of the retreat

connecting with your outer & inner nature

going on a journey to ourselves

tapping into this deeper knowing & wisdom within

acknowledging what’s there

music & movement

touching & being touched by music.

moving through the rhythms.

freeing our body. freeing our heart.

being in community

being integrated into the whole.

being challenged.

being held.

cooking together as an essential part.

as a deeply rooted practice of togetherness.

cooking and eating together as the most elementary form of sharing.


everything takes as much time as it needs.

letting ourselves be guided by the natural flow.

being open to what is crossing our path.

plenty of time for the process to unfold.

enough time for yourself.

the rough map of our journey

1 night in a hotel at the sea

2 nights in the desert

4 nights in a private villa directly at the water

Day 1 - arriving


getting together the first time in a circle & dinner

first night in a hotel to settle in

Day 2 - on the way to the desert / the journey unfolds

breakfast at hotel

morning circle

session to dive deeper

lunch in downtown

preparing for our trip to the desert

arriving and preparing our first meal together over the fire

evening circle

first evening and night in the desert under the stars

Day 3 - moving towards the essential

self prepared breakfast over the fire

dance & movement practice in the desert

morning circle

lunch over the fire

session to dive deeper

evening circle

second night under the stars

Day 4 - leaving behind what’s not needed