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Waves | a poem inspired by a dance

I love to dance. It’s a way for me to create space to let my body and my being express what’s there and to dive deeper. ⁣After one 5Rhythms dance these words came up as a poem - trying to express what I experienced.

handwritten poem "waves" by Oliva Köhler (c)


my body caught⁣

In a dance.⁣

curious to peek⁣

to explore⁣

to dare.⁣


the rhythm.⁣


the movement.⁣


the wave.⁣

it all comes⁣



to connect.⁣

to the wild.⁣

to the wisdom.⁣

to loose control.⁣


without the eyes.⁣

feeling ⁣

with the heart.⁣

gut knowing.⁣




movement to find⁣


winding down.⁣

the heart beats.⁣

eyes closed.⁣

a vibration.⁣

being cradled.⁣

being carried.⁣

it is⁣

a journey.⁣

all in waves.⁣

Do you want to create space for your body to express its wisdom?

Get inspired by Gabrielle Roth's healing movement and read the article about her 5Rhythm Dance.

If you want to experience dance, movement and mindfulness for yourself, join our events or retreats.

~ Go on a Journey to Yourself at the desert & sea retreat in Egypt. Healing through connecting with your inner & outer nature, movement and being in community.

~ Explore the four elements without and within at the 4 Elements Research Club in Berlin. Learning about fire, earth, air and water as a guide for life, being away from the mind and towards embodied sensing.

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