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This concert of small things | Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Why "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry reminds us of the concert of life and its little miracles. My thoughts on it:

Nature invites; an invitation to life

Where is life? When is life? Now life is outside. Outside around every corner. People are reawakened, almost resurrected from the long quiet "winter". Who is calling out to them? Nature.

The tree in front of my house suddenly also shows in green again. He greets me every day with his new dress of leaves. I hear the birds singing as I wake up, even the crows have something to contribute to the conversation during my lunch break outside. Everywhere it sprouts. Life has awakened, very quietly, but still alive and tangible.

The concert of life

I leave the house, make my way to an appointment. The time is planned so that I arrive exactly on time - with a little hustle and bustle, too. What if I left three minutes early today?

Three minutes to experience the concert of life outside my front door with all my senses. To feel the life that has returned outside. Three minutes: The robin tunes up, the great tits on the blossoming chestnut tree improvise their melody to it. The wind gives the concert a touch of lightness. Light - ness.

The laughing children running past me remind me of life, of my life, of all our lives. Of the fact that we humans are nature.

It is so quiet and at the same time so moving. It is so quiet and at the same time so alive. I am deeply relaxed. I am alive. The breath is there. Wind, bird, sun, children, all actors join in. Quietly and calmly. The concert of life has entered me. Into my life. I take it with me and get on my way. It was only three minutes. A three-minute concert, just like that. Free and so precious.

Wonderful little gifts

The actors of the concert "Life" are not only life, but they convey life and liveliness. So quiet and yet so clearly present. We can almost always see them, hear them, feel them and immerse ourselves in their concert. Allow ourselves to be seduced and taken in by it. What a wonderful gift that is. It is a gift full of wonder. Concert life is a "concert of little things" and is given to us every day. Be mindful:

"How little noise do the real wonders of this world - the sun, the moon, the stars, the trees, the flowers, the children, their smiles - this concert of little things" Antoine de St. Exupéry

The concert life, the concert of small things, we find it next door. Around the corner. St. Exupéry of the Little Prince reminds you how quiet these miracles can be. He also reminds you how simple a miracle can be, and how omnipresent you can witness them. Yes, you too! Who invites you to do this? Life. Nature. The birds, the trees, the sun, the children, all of us. We are nature. We are life. Accept the invitation to the concert.

These three minutes in concert at my doorstep - and maybe yours soon - are marked by so many wonders. You can feel them, hear them, smell them, and sense them all at once.

Compose your own concert

You yourself can be the composer of your own little concert of life. What are your little wonders? Who are the performers of your orchestra? What are they doing and where can you find them?

Let yourself be carried away by the natural awakening all around you. Let the nature inside you connect with the outer nature and let them awaken together. Let them write a concert together and let the performers play. Let yourself be included in this aliveness, in this calming quiet aliveness.

All these wonders have so much power within them. The laughing children, the birdsong, the sprouting buds, the rays of sunshine. Embrace the power. It will spring within you.

Just leave the house three minutes early, like I do now, and just listen - to the quiet sounds and the loud sounds.

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