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Nightmares on Wax "Back to Nature" | Song

You dream of a future in which humans and nature live together harmoniously and appreciatively and respectfully? Like in the indigenous traditions? The song of "Back To Nature" picks you up there and takes you on a visual, auditory and emotional journey.

from the video for Back to Nature by Nightmares on Wax

Maybe you know this too? You feel separated from nature, from your fellow human beings, maybe even from yourself? You long for community and harmonious coexistence and want to feel and experience connectedness.

Nightmares on Wax express exactly these wishes with the song "Back to Nature". The idea of living together in a respectful way and connecting nature and people is conveyed with musical sounds and the words of Kuauhtli Vasquez, a member of the indigenous organization Indigenous Youth Council in Chiapas, Mexico. In the video illustrated with collages and images from magazines, postcards and vintage films, the song takes you to other worlds.

Indigenous cultures remind us that all people are connected and share a common spirit and consciousness. Recognizing this connection ensures that we care for the earth and each other. Visual and auditory expressions of "Back to Nature" encourage us to approach life with love and respect, and to give back to nature as it gives back to us. After all, nature created us to live together and share the world.

Let yourself be carried away by the poetry, the sounds and the visual impressions.

[lyrics: words by Kuauhtli Vasquez]

all humans


one spirit

all humans


one consciousness

but yet they want to be separated

like, "my life, my ideas"

they don't realize that all humans share a huge pool of conscious, of thought

all human thought vibrates at a certain frequency

we're all in communication

you know, when you exhale I breathe the air you breathe

we're all brought together really

this is the way nature designed it

so that we will be sharing the world, together

there is a time of understanding mother Nature

and how nature is functioning

nature and the earth

understand this relationship

like the Earth itself is a huge magnet

so, it's creating energy, a magnetic force

the Earth has given it to us in a perfect and natural way

everything in the material world comes from the spirit

The reason nature is alive is

because there's spirit that's

manifested constantly

so we say everything comes from the spirit

from this energetic life source

and humans they just want to take

they gather, they take

they are taking, just taking

what the ancients say you have to give first

to the spirit

for everything that you want to receive

take a couple of breaths of air

it's the same air my family is breathing

the same air they are breathing

in every part of the planet

let's take care of this

we are all eating the food that Mother Earth gives us


everybody's food comes from the same earth

let's create that global consciousness

this planetary way of living

in our culture

you don't need to say please

everything's there for you

you just need to know how to ask for it in a respectful way

with love

so you ask for it with love

accept it with love

and then you give love back

you don't give trash back

you don't give pollution back to nature

you give love

you give some of your energetic goodness back to the earth


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