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Agnès Varda "The Beaches of Agnès"| Film

The inside of people is like the outer nature. Each is shaped differently. Agenes Varda, French filmmaker, photographer and installation artist, talked in her film "The beaches of Agnès" about the landscape within herself: the beach.

Still from the film "The Beaches of Agnès
still from the film "The Beaches of Agnès

If we opened people up, we’d find landscapes. If we opened me up, we’d find beaches...Memory is like sand in my hand. I keep some and some is going. The beaches are the thread, and it’s true that I’ve been on beaches all my life. I know that if I need the ideal place, it’s the perfect one for me. This has nothing to do with swimming or surfing or sailing. It’s the pleasure of watching the beach, which means watching the sky and the sea, and if you go at a different time, it can be different light and weather, it can be white or it can be flat. I love it when it’s almost flat. It’s so pure that it’s like the beginning of the world. And it allows me, as a metaphor, to believe that I was always on the beach in my mind.”

Get a first impression and small overview of her films worth seeing through this trailer:

What kind of landscape would one find if one opened you up?

The inside of people is like the outer nature. Inside and out, they are landscapes. Each is shaped differently. The outside can be seen as an inside at the same time. How have your experiences and your relationship in and with the outer nature and landscapes, shaped your inner world?

(c) Laura Haipl

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