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We will be outside, we will be together, we will be present, we will listen, we will get to know, we will explore.

A space where connectedness, closeness and appreciative communication for your team is possible.

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Being in nature to de-stress, refresh & restore

Creating connectedness & closeness in the team

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An impact that will last

An abstract orange shape visualizing the benefits of spening time outdoors as a team
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More and more research shows that the simple act of nature helps us de-stress, that it for examples lowers your blood pressure and levels of cortisol (aka the stress hormone). That's good for our body, mind and spirit - we are refreshed and restored.


A team event with Kailo however is more than just that. The work of the future, "New Work" or let's even call it the work of now is different, more collaborative and more mindful. It's about responsibility - for oneself and for others. That's what we want to create a space for during the team event.

"The fact is that your presence is the best gift you can give to someone, because what happens in these moments is that by deciding to be present to someone, we become more alive ourselves, and more alive than we are used to being." 

Thich Nhat Hanh


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so we can discuss a fitting custom offer for your needs - which will create an impact for your team.


Team sessions start from 4 hrs and can last up to several days with nights outdoors or in a fitting accommodation.


In and around Berlin, or anywhere in the world on request.

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28 Oct - 5 Sept 2021 // Egypt
A sea & desert retreat