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  • Olivia Köhler

I haven’t chosen the easiest path but it’s my own path

I’m right now reading a book of Gabrielle Roth. She was a dancer in her twenties and spent ten years of her life teaching movement to children, elders, people-at-risk, and the disabled. This was the very beginning of the development of her quite famous approach to movement called 5Rhythms.

“Every day I was discovering that if you just set people in motion, they’ll heal themselves.” ~ G. Roth

Gabrielle Roth dancing the 5Rhythms

She describes that she just trusted her intuition over the course of the years. She didn’t have a structure, method or system she followed. When somebody asked her what she was doing in life back then she even felt insecure because she couldn’t put a name on it and needed to improvise her answer every time. She writes

“To find my voice, I still had to put the pieces together inside of me and learn to welcome my power”

I can relate to this so much. I feel this about my work as a nature therapist. Nature Therapy is not something that people really know what it is. This makes it hard to describe and even for me to grasp it sometimes. But exactly there lays the beauty of it as well!! I know that I’m doing something that is really me. I haven’t chosen the easiest path but it’s my own path. There is not one big path to follow for me - I need to find my own route and I love it, even though it’s really hard sometimes.

I love to guide people in a non directive way. I love to not be bound to certain methods and concepts. I love to be surprised by what people make out of invitations for practices I give them. I love that I’m doing something that comes from a place that feels very authentic. I love to see what my work does to the people that trust me to guide them.

Movement and dancing as a way to heal and as an integral part of my nature therapy practice and at my retreat

The body and movement is an integral part of my work as a nature therapist as well. 5Rhythms dance is something I’m practicing and taking time to experience regularly myself. It’s a practice of being in your body — which ignites belonging, connection, and trust. Our body holds so much wisdom and has so many answers for us.

Movement, music and dance will play a big role as well in my retreat in Egypt that I’ll be offering in the end of September. We’ll explore what is present in our body and what wants to be expressed or released. To do this outdoors in a natural space it’s even more powerful because there is the possibility of an additional connection with this certain space and all the elements around us.

A Sea & Desert retreat in El Gouna, Egypt

March & October 2022

Healing through connecting with your inner & outer nature, movement and being in community.

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A retreat in Egypt in the landscape of the sea and the desert by Olivia Köhler, founder of Kailo Nature Therapy

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